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In Office Guidelines for Safe Sessions

In accordance with Governor Mill’s Covid 19 phased reopening, I am happy to share that my office is currently offering a combination of both in person and telehealth visits for my clients. For those choosing to come into the office, I am dedicated to maintain the safety and well being for both my clients and myself by following these CDC guided protocols:

1. Clients will be asked to wait in their vehicle until their therapist comes to the door to let them in and no other individuals will be allowed to wait in the building.

2. To limit exposure, our restroom facility will be closed at this time. Please plan accordingly.

3. Our water cooler will be unavailable. Please bring your own water if you so choose.

4. We will ask that all clients wear a mask when entering the building.

5. We will request that all clients use hand sanitizer prior to entering the therapy space.

6. Client start times will be staggered to ensure the least amount of exposure to others while in our building.

7. Therapists will disinfect their office space between clients.

8. We will maintain a social distance of 6 feet while in session.

9. All clients will be asked a series of health questions prior to entering the building:

a. Do you have a fever?

b. Have you been experiencing cough, body aches, head ache, chills?

c. Are you having difficulty breathing?

d. Have you noticed diminished taste or smell?

e. Have you traveled outside of Maine within the past 14 days?

f. Have you been caring for someone who is infected with the virus?

g. Have you tested positive for the virus?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you will be offered a scheduled telehealth visit.

If the local health authorities recognize the need for greater restrictions or if I have any concern that office visits may put my clients at risk, telehealth visits will provide continued care and support for all my clients.

I thank you for your cooperation during this challenging time and look forward to working together to make your office visit a safe and supportive experience.

Thank you, Melinda Josiah Geaumont, LCSW

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