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Given the many challenges that life can hand us, it's easy to lose hope or feel overwhelmed. You are not alone. All too often, our minds begin to take over, filling our head with old messages that no longer serve us. Perhaps we are judging ourselves too harshly or feeling guilt for things that may likely be out of our hands. Perhaps our heart is burdened with feelings of anxiety or depression. By exploring the importance of grounding ourselves in the present and practicing an awareness of being mindful, we can slowly change our life patterns thereby finding the inner peace that we strive for. Working together, we can find hope in the present moment.

Through the use of such tools as mindfulness based cognitive therapy, strengths based perspective and positive psychology, we will work together to develop an awareness of sitting with your true feelings, identify life's obstacles and challenging ideology that has stood in your way of finding peace of mind.

I work with most all leading insurance carriers including Medicare and am taking new referrals at this time.

For individuals without insurance, I offer a sliding scale.

Wishing you all the best, Melinda

Like our friend the dragonfly, who shares our world gliding on gentle breezes for a brief while,

let us be ever reminded to live with the full presence of all that surrounds us. ~ MJG 

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